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Sydney Bens Dinner Dance 2009
OBU Sydney, AustrlaiaA night at the dance from DOUG JONES in Sydney
The sarees were fetchingly colourful and the ladies clad in them were flitting the dance floor like an assortment of exotic butterflies. Not to mention the other ladies who exuded feminine elegance in their splendid dresses... And, of course, the men escorting them were in the top rung of sartorial elegance. The combination was a sure-fire hit on the night. With support from the band Breakaway, they winged their way on to the floor at every opportunity.

There was also more reason for spending a night at the dance. The Sydney Bens Dance a la 2009, that is. Need I say more? Among the 270 guests, we had the pleasure of the company of eight Old Bens from Victoria who made the trip to maintain fellowship with their Sydney counterparts.

As the guests flowed in, the winsome welcoming ladies Gnani Velayuthen and Daphne Christie-David at the entrance greeted them with flavoursome presents that any cuisine-conscious lady would love – very elegant state-of-the-art sets of pepper and salt dispensers. Once ensconced at their tables, garbed in a uniquely arranged centrepiece of green and white floral arrangements, designed and executed by Benedictine ladies Rochelle Godamunne, Diani Fernandopulle, Daphne Christie-David and Ranee Machado, guests had waiting for them an inviting bottle of JW Black and vino of the red and white variety (Sherwell Fernando made sure of that) and plenty of other refreshments for them to enjoy.

Through the courtesy of Max Perumal, during breaks, guests had the pleasure of enjoying a splendid selection of choral music not heard before in this part of the world, rendered by St Benedict’s own choral group Choro Benedicte. Thanks to the efforts of Bosco (of Denzil & Bosco fame) and Placi Gomez in Colombo who had the coveted CD couriered to Sydney within days of this event.

The pre-dinner finger food that Caterplan served was everybody’s favourite. But wait for the dinner, someone seemed to say. And wasn’t that absolutely delicious.

What an array of prizes! What with Harold Christie-David making it possible for three separate winners to have a set each of the finest motor vehicle tyres anyone can buy; then Lion Harry de Sayrah providing for two cash prizes worth $250 courtesy Bankstown Lions; also another cash prize donated by the Victorian Bens, and adding to that, every committee member donating handsome prizes each to make up a much-desired 15 in all. Then came the piece-de-resistance – auction for a golf package for two with two-weekday nights accommodation in a luxury apartment (including breakfast) in the Hunter Valley’s Cypress Lakes. The winning bidder bagged a bargain while the vendor got good value.

After all this twisting, quick stepping, waltzing, jiving and generally cuddlesome slow dancing (if ever there is such a ‘genre’ in this field of human endeavour) just past midnight was regrettably early evening for us Sri Lankans whose lifestyle was ingrained in the motto: ”we won’t go home till morning”. They had a great night and they bade farewells, albeit reluctantly, but glad-hearted they had had a GOOD TIME!

All made possible through an excellent team effort by a devoted committee led by Ranjith, and Anton, Michel, Lionel, Hynsworth, Prakash, Harold, Dan, Max, Sherwell, Ronnie and Doug. And not without the wholehearted and devoted support of their wives, the Benedictine Ladies, Gnani, Varini, Yeolande, Selvaranee, Carmel, Dianitha, Daphne, Rochelle, Nilkanthi, Carmini, Avril and Hyacinth.
 Posted by dougjay on July 28 2009 00:23:18 · 0 Comments · 1597 Reads Print
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