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Religio, Mores, Cultura

To Help students develop spiritually, academically and in multiple skills to ever gain higher levels of excellence, continuously

To inculcate spiritual values, while imparting knowledge and skills in young people from their early age to the stage of pre adult-hood to make them competent human beings capable of contributing their mite to change the face of the earth.
College Anthem

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College Start Dates
Dear all,

Please note, College will reopen on:

21st Tuesday May only for the Grades 10, 11, 12 & 13.

27th Monday May for the Grades 6, 7, 8 & 9

The time tables are already available on the links below

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  • Sinhala Medium

  • Tamil Medium

  • English Medium

  • Last Updated:12:33 pm Monday, 20 May 2019

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  • Student Time Tables

  • Last Updated: 1:00pm, Thursday, 19 May 2019

    Thank you
     Posted by webmaster on May 20 2019 05:11:52 · Read More · 63 Reads Print
    Obituary - Mrs. Annapackiyam Culas - loving mother of Rev. Bro. Christy Croos (Provincial Visitor)
    ObituaryIt is with profound sadness we inform the demise of Mrs. Annapackiyam Culas (90) loving mother of Rev. Bro. Christy Croos (Provincial Visitor).

    Funeral will take place in Vangalai, Mannar probably on Monday, 20th (To be confirmed)

    May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace, Amen.
     Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on May 18 2019 10:25:30 · 0 Comments · 13 Reads Print
    Old Benedictine - Major General T. S. Bansajaya, appointed Director General Training of the Sri Lanka Army
    Major General T.S Bansajaya, the newly-appointed Director General Training of the Sri Lanka Army assumed office recently during a simple ceremony amid blessings of major religious faiths. He succeeded Major General Aruna Wanniarachchi who retired from the Army after an exemplary service of more than 30 years.
    Read Full Article :

     Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on May 18 2019 10:22:59 · 1 Comments · 23 Reads Print
    18 May 2019: Message from Bro. Director
    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

    Let’s pause for a moment each day and pray to our merciful and loving Savior for all those innocent victims on Easter Sunday and that our dear Motherland be blessed with peace and harmony among all Sri Lankans. I wish to bring to your notice the unique situation our college is placed in Kotahena. We are surrounded by the Cathedral, 05 other schools and several tutories where the security of our students becomes quite challenging. A Special Security Committee has been formed with OBU and Welfare Society members to take decisive steps to ensure security of both the Primary and the Secondary sections of the college. Hence we appeal to you to cooperate with the security measures taken by the College Security Committee as well as the Police and the Army. Please read through carefully the following instructions and comply with them to help your children to obtain the best attention regardless the serious situation.
    1. The College will re-open for the 2nd Term on 21st May, Tuesday. All our students both in the Primary and the Secondary sections were sent Study Packs via the College Website for all subjects covering the 2nd Term syllabus in all three mediums. The 2nd Term Tests will be based on these Study Packs. You can call on your Subject Teachers if you should need any help.
    2. When the College reopens there will be a special time table for all the classes with only 04 subjects per day. The students will be required to bring only the Exercise Books to College in a See-Through Bag/ Shopping Bag to help in the security checks. The lunch box, the water bottle and the pencil case too should be transparent. It is safer for your children to bring along home prepared food and drinks.
    3. The school will function initially according to the following Schedule as we reopen the first week. i.e.
      Dates	                           Grades 
      21st May – 24th May 	    Grades 10 – 13
      27th May – 31st May	    Grades 6 – 9 
      This Schedule will continue until you are informed. (further notice) students are advised to work on the Study Packs at home. Time table will made available soon:
    4. The Main Entrance & Exit will be through St. Lucia’s Cathedral Entrance for the moment. The use of the Rear Gate will be notified later.
    5. The students are allowed into college after 6.30 am and should be taken away by 2.30 pm the latest. Those students who travel by school buses and vans should take precaution to board them closer to the St. Lucia’s Cathedral Square.
    6. All students should bring their Record Books to College without fail. Students will not be permitted to school without their Student Record Book. The photograph in the Record Book should be one taken recently in the College Uniform. Senior students should bring along their National Identity Cards too.
    7. All sports activities are suspended until further notice.
    8. Mobile Phones are not permitted in college and if found will be confiscated.
    9. No vehicles are permitted into the Cathedral Square premises.
    10. Those who require certificates such as, Leaving Certificates, Character Certificates, Results Sheet, Letters to the Embassies, etc. should call on Tuesdays between 9.00 and 11.00 am and fill the relevant application at the Cathedral Square Entrance and obtain them the following Tuesday.
    11. School monthly donation up to the month of May could be paid by person at the Welfare Office by students. If paid by parents, it should through the Bank and produce the deposit slip to the Welfare Office through the students to obtain your receipt.

    12. Account Details:
      ACCOUNT NO: 1120047106

    13. The above measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our children hence I request your fullest cooperation and apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    14. Please visit the College Website regularly for updated information.

    May I conclude inviting you to pray the family Rosary each evening begging our Blessed Mother to protect us all in these challenging times and grant peace and harmony to all Sri Lankans.

    May God Bless us all.
    Rev. Bro. A.E. Tarcisius

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  •  Posted by webmaster on May 17 2019 10:35:44 · 9 Reads Print
    Message from the Director: Bro. A E Tarcisius
    CollegeMessage from the Director:

    Dear All,

    It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines at a time when we have still not recovered from the pain caused by the terrible Easter Sunday events, especially the sense of loss we feel over the deaths of two young students who attended our institutions, and some parents too.

    While we pray that the Lord will lighten the grief and the burdens of their families, let us uphold in our thoughts and prayers the injured and the traumatized who are struggling to get back on their feet and get on with life.

    In the meantime, our school has still not re-opened for the Second Term although we were to do so on 22nd April. The Government has now asked the schools to open from 6th May onward but St Benedict’s is one of the Catholic schools that has been asked by the Church authorities to remain closed until further notice.

    I am conscious that this temporary closure has somewhat disrupted the children’s education but let us bear in mind that safety comes first. So, we are having intense discussions with stakeholders about the security measures that must be put in place for the re-opening of the school and I am confident that the country situation will soon return to full normalcy.

    Meanwhile, in consideration of the educational needs of the students, especially the seniors preparing for exams, we have arranged to release study packs so that they may remain linked to their studies on-line. In fact, just today we have given out tutorials to the parents of the Primary School students. I am sure this new step we are taking will benefit our entire student body in a meaningful way and I request them to make good use of this initiative".

    I know of some other Catholic schools also who have made similar moves and I am in touch with them with a view to sharing knowledge and making it a collaborative effort. Once the initial steps begin to bear fruit, we could see how to not only improve and fine-tune the system but also to incorporate it as regular feature in the school for the coming months and years. In this regard, I appreciate the enthusiasm of the tutorial and administration staff who are working with great interest to develop this mechanism and get it off the ground. Others who have expertise and experience in this field are also invited to give their support to this team that is on the job.

    In the past days, many have been in touch with me and the Brothers, expressing concern at the situation, inquiring about the future steps to be taken and offering their services. I value them all.

    So, let us continue to stay connected as we pass through this difficult stage and let us stay determined to face the next days with courage. Above all, let us keep Christian hope alive.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Bro. A E Tarcisius
     Posted by webmaster on May 09 2019 02:16:11 · Read More · 0 Comments · 137 Reads Print
    Admission Form: O/L 2019

    Special Announcement for G.C.E. O/L Students 2019

    We are receiving applications for the O/L 2019 intake. You are kindly requested download the Application from the link below, complete it correctly and hand it over at the College Administration Office on or before 16th May 2019.
    Please note that if you fail to hand over the application before the closing date, your name will not be enlisted to the G.C.E O/L candidates.

    Download: Admission Form: O/L 2019 [Click here]

    St. Benedict’s College,
    Kotahena, Colombo – 13.
     Posted by webmaster on May 07 2019 20:18:09 · Read More · 109 Reads Print
    Let us continue ​to ​pray and work for PEACE
    CollegeFollowing from Rev. Bro. Christy Croos - Provincial Visitor

    Dear Brothers and Friends,

    We are still in shock and sorrow over the tragedy on the Easter Sunday. It is difficult to digest the brutality of recent attacks on innocent people on a day like the Lord's resurrection. Reflecting over more than 300 deaths of precious lives of the innocents and more than 500 injured victims is very heart breaking. What consoles me is that Easter is a time for hope and allows me to live with hope in spite of horrible terrorist attacks.

    I visited two funeral houses of our student and parent along with a few Brothers to express our Lasallian solidarity. People are still under tremendous fear and shock. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims. We pray and ask the risen Christ to comfort those in sorrow; heal those who are injured; give wisdom to doctors, nurses, and medical people treating the injured; and to protect all from any further danger.

    As a Lasallian community, we express our condolences to the families of our Brother, Lasallian partners and pray for the repose of their souls;

    · Late Mr. Mariyathas, Bro. Sega’s uncle,
    · Late Master Krideash Stealan (5 years old) at St. Joseph’s Pre –School, Mutwal and his Father late Mr. J.J.B. Jeevarajah & Mother late Mrs. Siyamalar,
    · Late Master Diloj Anthony (grade 2 student 7 years old) a student at De Mazenod College, Kandana,
    · Late Mrs. Keerthika Rodney , Mother of Master Shanon – Grade 6 at La Salle English Medium School, Kotahena,
    · Late Mr. Anton Santhiyagu Ravindran Fernando, Father of Master Franklyn at St. Benedict’s College, Kotahena,

    We also pray for the students, parents, old boys and relatives who were injured due to these tragic circumstances.

    We thank all our Brothers in overseas, Lasallian partners and well-wishers who sent messages of concern and for your prayers which gave us immense strength at this very difficult time.

    Let us continue to pray and work for PEACE.


    De La Salle Provincialate,
    130 De La Salle Street, Mutwal,
    Colombo - 15,
     Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on April 23 2019 11:05:38 · 0 Comments · 31 Reads Print
    Annual Lenten Way of the Cross - 4th April 2019 - Organised by the Religious Sub-Committee of St. Benedict's College Old Boys' Union
    OBU, ColomboThe Annual Lenten Way of the Cross, organised by the Religious Sub-Committee of St. Benedict's College Old Boys' Union will be held on 4th April 2019, at 5.30 P.M. at the College Premises.

    All are welcome!
     Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on April 01 2019 23:16:30 · 0 Comments · 56 Reads Print
    Celebrating the Life and Memory of Old Ben Bede Puvimannasinghe
    An Old Ben, Teacher, Cadet Master, and the Legendary Prefect of Games, during the glory days of sports at St. Benedict's College - Bede Puvimannasinghe
     Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on March 28 2019 09:55:51 · 0 Comments · 45 Reads Print
    New Roller Machine for the College Grounds
     Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on March 17 2019 12:33:10 · 0 Comments · 63 Reads Print
    Issuing of Application Forms for Grade 1 Admission 2020 at St. Benedict's College, Colombo 13
    CollegeApplication forms for Grade 1 Admission 2020, (Sinhala, Tamil and English Medium) will be issued on Saturday, 9th and 16th March 2019 between 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 Noon at the College premises.

    Application forms will be issued only to parents who produce the following documents.

    Child's Original Birth Certificate (01 Feb 2014 to 31 Jan 2015)
    Child's Baptismal Certificate (Original)
    Parents Church Marriage Certificate (Original)
    Parents' National Identity Cards
    Church Family Book
    Documentary proof of Permanent Residence Address

    Rev. Bro. Director,
    St. Benedict's College
    Colombo 13
     Posted by DARREL LUDOWYKE on February 23 2019 10:29:35 · 0 Comments · 82 Reads Print
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